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Hi, I'm Stacey. I'm 16 and I'm trying to lose my weight the healthy way! Photography is my thing so you might see a fair bit of that on my blog. I love all of you, and my ask box is always open if you need someone to listen.


Why you need to drink water
"Try to say nothing negative about anybody for three days, for forty-five days, for three months. See what happens to your life."

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Anonymous said: Hi! You're beautiful, and I hope you have a nice day :)

Aw, right back at you anon!

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24. July 2014


Hey guys, it’s time for a promo :) 

Simple rules: 

  1. Mbf me (run-like-a-zombie) - I will be checking
  2. First 50
  3. Reblog - no likes
  4. Must be a HEALTHY blog, no pro-ana/thinspo or similar!
  5. Send me an ask and tell me about your favorite workout routine OR your best workout song tips for a bold
  6. Some people will get screenshots :) 

Easy as cardio! 

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Its that once a year thing again… Its my birthday on Thursday so its time for a yearly promo! Yes I only do this on my birthday.
I’m gonna be doing a promo of some of my favourites anyway, my most lovely followers and people that have supported me and made me smile over the last year because they are lovely, but its my birthday, gonna promo like its ma birthday, gonna eat ice cream because its ma birthday…
You don’t have to follow me, but ya know I am pretty great so I will leave that to you. I will promo throughout the day in-between my beauty morning, my afternoon platelet donation and going to see Transformers and eating dinner with my sexy man candy. 
Reblogs & likes will be promo’d, any new followers will get a sexy gif promo - will end at 11pm Thursday UK time, I will promo throughout the day!