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Hi, I'm Stacey. I'm 16 and I'm trying to lose my weight the healthy way! Photography is my thing so you might see a fair bit of that on my blog. I love all of you, and my ask box is always open if you need someone to listen.

1. August 2014


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Strawberries - As Requested!

, di We Heart It.
"I think I’ve always been half out of my shell and half in. Sometimes I can be extremely wild and sometimes I can be extremely shy. It just depends on the person I’m with."



What is this?
The Autumn Slim Down Challenge is a 6-week motivation and support group looking to shed pounds and grow friendships. Participants will be placed into groups randomly. And there will be daily challenges.
How do groups work?
Groups are just another tool participants can use for greater chances of success. Amount of members per group will vary based on how many people want to join.
In your group, you would have a better chance of developing friendships while giving and gaining motivation from your teammates.
What kinds of challenges?
At the beginning of each week, I’ll post challenges that vary from diet changes, switching up workouts, motivating others, and talking about personal experiences on varying topics.
The reason I’m posting them at the beginning of the week is because I want everyone to get a heads up so they can plan ahead. Whether they plan ahead to make sure they can participate or alter challenges in advance so there’s no last minute “I cants”.
Rules and Stuff
★ Reblog this post by August 31st. ★ Likes are discouraged cause it makes the sorting of groups process so much harder. ★ Any bloggers expressing pro-disordered thoughts or practices are asked not to participate. ★ Tag all posts with #autumnslimdownchallenge. ★ Please only participate if you plan on sticking with it. It’s more fun if everyone is enthusiastic.  ★ Groups will be posted by the end of September 1st ♡

Awesomeeeee. I’m in.